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Current and Past Projects

  • In 2023, WW is managing 4 farms that will produce alfalfa and 1 ranch that is producing grass and alfalfa. The farms will host up to 1,000 head of yearlings this fall to graze re growth from the hay season along with an additional 900 acres of rangeland. The 900 irrigated acres have a projected base to produce 2,700 ton of hay that equals an estimated $650,000 of gross income for our client partners.
  • In 2022, WW managed 1 farm and harvested hay on 2 ranches in Wyoming that totaled 1,913 acres with 2,500 ton of hay produced in 2022.
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Property Management

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Water resource management, Wyoming
Our Property Management Services

WW Land Group has created a business model to manage farms, ranches, vacant land and recreational hunting properties in Wyoming. WW's focus in 2022 shifted from historical management practices to an advanced water management and drought alternative planning approach to land in Wyoming.

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Alternative Planning

Alternative planning included best practices for annual soil preparation, irrigation modifications, fertilizer or an organic approach, rotational grazing for livestock, and reduced conventional AUM's (Animal Unit Month) grazing on rangeland. WW has a network of land and water professionals to ensure that we have our client's best interest in mind for their property.

Surface Water Engineers
Environmental Consultants
Irrigation Specialist
Farm Practices Consultants
Mineral Rights Attorneys
Cattle farming in Wyoming